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The purchase of medical elevators reached 230 million yuan in the first quarter

authors:sibo     sentiment:0      Published time:2018-05-28 15:39

In the current rapid development of medical and health undertakings in our country, the local medical infrastructure construction is increasing, and form a complete set of medical elevator purchasing projects have begun to emerge, and presented to the government procurement market in a powerhouse posture. As an important procurement unit of government procurement, hospital procurement has always been concerned by suppliers. As early as a few years ago, the medical elevator project in government adopt nascent market, along with the increase in around the hospital construction project, medical elevator purchase demand is increasingly vigorous, medical elevator procurement market became suspends in front of the elevator manufacturers an attractive piece of "cake".

In the first quarter, the purchasing momentum of medical elevators was strong, and the increase in market demand was the main reason. The total number of projects and the purchase scale were both increased compared with the last five years. According to incomplete statistics from the government procurement information daily, the number of medical elevator procurement projects in the first quarter was about 160, with a total scale of 230 million yuan. Among them, there are 4 large projects with more than 10 million yuan and 13 projects with more than 5 million yuan. The frequency of large projects is also one of the important factors to support the scale of hospital procurement. Which organized by henan jintai bidding agent co., LTD. The new project of lushan county of henan province people's hospital ward floor, outpatient medical building, logistics, building elevator procurement and installation project (second), won the bid of $13.578 million. Another "nanyang medical college first affiliated hospital elevator purchasing and installing comprehensive ward building construction project bidding project", "new knowledge in the tumor hospital affiliated to sun yat-sen university city campus elevator purchasing and installation project", "the ninth people's hospital in suzhou (raise) about purchasing the elevator equipment and installation project" of the bid amount is in 10 million yuan of above.

Medical elevator are different from general passenger elevator purchase, some purchasing units, while buying the elevator, may be more tend to pursue high configuration, luxury, medical elevator projects tend to be more attention to security and stability. For example, "elevator equipment procurement project of ninger county people's hospital" puts safety and stability first. It is understood that the procurement of this project includes passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators and sterile escalators. Hospital foot traffic, the patient often need better care, but also guarantee the timely treatment, the elevator's role in the process of human is very important, security and stability assessment is key. In order to ensure the elevator safety, the project has put forward strict requirements on technical standards and after-sales service. Among them, technology accounts for 40 points and service accounts for 20 points. In addition, "wanzai county people's hospital medical elevator purchasing and installation project" the content of the technical standard is also, emphasis, specific evaluation indices for the technical parameters, technical level, the overall technical performance, construction organization and so on. The personage inside course of study points out that different hospital elevator purchasing the required standard is different, generally in the medical elevator bidding, will put the related standard, the size of the capsules, special function requirements identified in the form of table, such as bidding for suppliers.