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Standard for installation process of elevator door

authors:sibo     sentiment:0      Published time:2018-05-28 15:39

1. Scope this process standard is applicable to all kinds of domestic products with rated load weight of 5000kg or less, rated speed of 3m/s or less

Traction drive elevator hall door installation works.

2. Construction preparation

2.1 equipment and material requirements:

2.1.1 the door parts of the hall shall conform to the drawings and the quantity shall be complete.

2.1.2 there shall be no deformation or damage to the floor, door slide and hall door fan. Other parts should be intact and reliable.

2.1.3 the section steel for making steel legs and legs shall meet the requirements.

2.1.4 the welding electrode and expansion bolt shall be qualified by the manufacturer.

2.1.5 cement and sand shall conform to the provisions of chapter 2.

2.2 main machines and tools: bench drill, electric hammer, level ruler, steel plate ruler, straightaway ruler, welding tool, gas welding tool, wire drop and inclined plug

Ruler, spade, spatula, hammer, chisel.

2.3 operating conditions:

2.3.1 the position of each layer of scaffold cross-bar shall not interfere with the construction requirements for the installation of stable floor and hall doors.

2.3.2 clean and free of sundries on the door and foot handboards of all floors and halls. The protective door is safe and reliable. Have fire control measures, set special people to see the fire.

3. Operation process

3.1 process flow: install the floor mount steadily - install the door pillar, upper slide way, door cover - install the hall door, adjust the hall door - machine lock, electric lock installation

3.2 stable mounting floor:

3.2.1, as required by the template to put two root hall door installation reference line (tall ladder best placed three lines, namely the door in a line, on both sides of the door two lines), at the entrance to the hall door to camp to create net width of the line and the center line of the hall door, lie in the corresponding position on the three points, at baseline, and certainly the marks.

3.2.2 if the oxen leg of ruodikan is a concrete structure, rinse it with water and place the PAWS on the ground kan.

Then the fine stone concrete is poured (the cement mark is no less than 325#). The volume ratio of cement, sand and stone is 1:2:2. When laying the ground bar firmly, the horizontal ruler should be used for leveling. Meanwhile, the three lying points should be aligned with the three datum lines and the distance between them should be found.

After a stable cooking, the ground should be 2 ~ 3mm higher than the finished decoration ground. If the finished decoration ground is in the direction of concrete, it should be 5 ~ 10mm higher than the finished decoration ground, and the concrete ground and the ground surface should be smoothed at a slope of 1:50

3.2.3 if there is no concrete bracket for the hall door, the bracket shall be welded on the embedded iron, and steel bracket shall be installed to stabilize the floor sill, which can be divided into two cases: for all kinds of elevators with rated carrying capacity of 1000kg or less, no less than 65mm equilateral Angle steel can be used as the support for welding and installation of ground bar stably. Ox leg bracket no less than 3. all kinds of elevators with rated carrying capacity of more than 1000kg (not including 1000kg) can use the steel plate and channel steel made of entanglement =10 to make bracket for ox legs for welding, and install the ground bar externally stably. No less than 5 legs.

3.2.4 elevator rated load under 1000 kg (1000 kg), including all kinds of elevator, if hall door gate have neither concrete bracket nor embedded iron, can be used more than M14 expansion bolt fixed bracket support, for stabilizing to camp

3.2.5 for high-rise elevators, the guide rails can be installed and adjusted first to prevent errors caused by the collision of the base line. Then the installation position of the floor sill is determined based on the cage guide rail. The methods are as follows: mark the M1 and M2 points at 1/2L on both sides of M in the center of the door sill (L is the distance between the cage guide rails) respectively. when installing the floor sill stably, measure the dimensions with a straight Angle ruler, so that the front and side dimensions of the floor sill of the hall door are both B+ h-d /2 from the front side of the two guide rails of the car

The dimensions from the center line of the guide rail of the cage to the outer edge of the cage floor. The distance between the cage floor and the hall door floor (generally 25mm or 30mm); Width of working end face of cage guide rail. align M1 and M2 with the outer angles of the straightaway so that the position of the floor sill is aligned

I'm going to set it. However, in order to check whether the center point of the hall door is correct, the distance between the center point M of the hall door and the outside edge Angle of the two guideways of the car can be measured. S1 and S2 should be equal.

3.3 install door stand, upper slide and door cover

3.3.1 erection of gate post after concrete consolidation of ground camber. The brick wall is embedded with anchor bolts in the eye of the wall.

3.3.2 after the installation and adjustment of the steel door sleeve, the steel bars inside the door sleeve and the steel bars inside the wall shall be welded and fixed with steel bars.

3.4 install the hall door and adjust the hall door:

3.4.1 install the guide foot and the door pulley on the door fan, and adjust the eccentric wheel to the maximum value (and the distance between the slide and the slide is the maximum). Then put the foot of the door bottom into the floor groove, and hang the door wheel onto the slide.

3.4.2 install 6mm thick support between door fan and floor sill. Door pulley with special gaskets to adjust between frame and door leaf, make it meet the requirements, then connect the roller frame and door leaf screw fastening, dispatch eccentric wheel and track spacing is less than 0.5 m m, closing doors and ground mat, between camp for slide gate tests, brisk freely for qualified

3.5 installation of machine lock, electric lock and safety switch:

3.5.1 before installation, the locking hook, locking arm, roller and spring shall be adjusted as required to make them flexible and reliable.

3.5.2 door lock and door safety switch shall be installed at the position specified in the drawings. If the screw hole installed on the equipment does not meet the requirements of the drawing, it shall be modified.

3.5.3 adjust the door lock and door safety switch of the hall door so that it can be reached: only when two (or more) doors are closed and meet the relevant requirements can the door lock electrical contact point and the door safety switch be connected.

If the lock fixing screw hole is adjustable, the positioning screw must be added to prevent the door lock from shifting after the door lock is installed and adjusted.

3.5.4 when the door of the sedan chair is linked to the door of the hall, there shall be no decoupling or clamping of the hook lock. When opening and closing the door, there shall be a smooth running, no vibration or percussion.

4. Quality standards

4.1 the deviation between the floor space of the cage and the floor space of the door of each floor is strictly prohibited to exceed mm. Inspection method: scale inspection.

4.2 the gap between the opening knife and the floor sill of each floor door and the rollers and the floor sill of each floor door opening device must be within the range of 5 ~ 8mm.

Inspection method: scale inspection.

4.3 hall door slide on the lateral distance from a vertical plane and ground candy tank inside a vertical plane, should comply with the drawings asked, in the middle of the slide on both ends and three points (1, 2, 3) messenger wire to measure the relative deviation should be no greater than + 1 mm. The parallelism error between the upper chute and the ground cantilever should not be greater than 1mm. The lead-free sag of the guide rail itself should be no more than 0.5mm

Inspection method: inspection of hoisting line and ruler.

4.4 the vertical deviation of the door fan of the hall is no more than 2mm, the amount of the door opening under the door seam is no more than 10mm, and the gap between the eccentric door wheel and the sliding way of the door is no more than 0.5mm.

Inspection method: inspection of hoisting line and ruler.

4.5 the installation and adjustment of the door fan shall be: the door fan shall be smooth, clean and free of damage. Opening and closing light and steady. When the middle branch door closes, the upper and lower parts are closed at the same time and the door seam is consistent.

4.6 the vertical error of the vertical column of the door frame and the horizontal error of the upper slide shall not exceed 1/1000.

Test method: do opening and closing inspection.

4.7 after the door of the hall is closed, the machine lock shall lock the door immediately. In order to make its movement flexible, the hook head has a movement of 1mm. Inspection method: measurement and inspection.

4.8 after the door of the hall is closed, the conductive seat of the door lock must have good contact with the contact point. If the door lock fixing screw hole is adjustable, it must be fixed with positioning screw after the door town installation adjustment. Inspection method: observation and inspection.

4.9 the clearance between the lower end of the door fan and the floor surface of the hall door is 6 + 2mm. The space between the door cover and the hall door is 6 + 2mm. Inspection method: scale inspection.

4.10 allowable deviation items: dimension requirements and allowable deviation of hall door sill and door cover installation.

5. Quality problems that should be paid attention to

5.1 when fixing the steel door cover, it shall be welded to the reinforcing bars of the door cover, and it shall not be directly welded on the door cover.

5.2 all welded joints and expansion bolts shall be firmly and reliably fixed.

5.3 for any part that needs to be embedded in concrete, the concrete shall be watered only after the relevant departments check and handle the concealed engineering procedures.

5.4 if any part of the door is damaged or deformed, it shall be repaired or replaced in a timely manner, and it can only be used after passing the test.