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Common problems in elevator maintenance

authors:sibo     sentiment:0      Published time:2018-05-28 15:39

(1) the elevator accident rescue is not timely. The elevator maintenance company is mixed with many, the maintenance level is intermingled with others, resulting in the elevator rescue in time. At present domestic elevator maintenance company a lot, but because of improper market management, the company's maintenance level is uneven, and emergency ability is bad, make a lot of maintenance construction units can't arrive in time after receiving the elevator maintenance site, thus missed the best rescue time. In addition, a large number of maintenance units did not make contingency plans in advance, often received notice before temporary personnel arrangements. This has seriously affected the progress of the rescue.

(2) the elevator maintenance market is in chaos. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the extensive use of elevators in urban construction, the demand for elevators in the market is increasing year by year. At the same time, it drives the rapid development of its maintenance unit, but the service quality of elevator maintenance is different. The main performance is that many companies do not have professional maintenance technicians, and there is no necessary equipment and maintenance quality assurance system. In addition, in order to create profits or win customers, some companies lower the price of maintenance, but secretly cut down on materials, so as to fill up the defective products.

(3) the quality of the elevator maintenance team is not high. With the increase of elevator maintenance market demand, many elevator maintenance companies are also established. As a result, the market competitiveness of elevator maintenance is increasing day by day, but economic benefits are decreasing. A lot of professional maintenance technicians leave phenomenon more and more, and the elevator maintenance construction unit to the cultivation of professional and technical personnel is not enough, and many new staff's professional skill is not high, the safety of the elevator performance also know is not comprehensive, repair the slow progress.

(4) the elevator users lack awareness of maintenance. Although our country has clear regulation to stipulate, the process that USES an elevator must ensure 15 days of repair and maintenance work, and its repair and maintenance content has carried on the detailed explanation and the emphasis. However, a large number of elevator users did not carry out maintenance on time according to the stipulated content. Not even once a month maintenance and maintenance work. In order to cope with the inspection of relevant units, some users only make a rough inspection during the inspection of elevator safety, which is easy to miss some safety hazards in the operation of elevator.