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Safety effect of elevator emergency plan exercise normalization

authors:sibo     sentiment:0      Published time:2018-05-28 15:39

The elevator safety management problem has always been the focus of the community property management, also is the focus of the realty management enterprise safety in production work, the normal operation of the elevator is in safe, orderly operation of community, the elevator in case of problem, small, affect the normal operation of residential area, and is a major casualty accidents, cause serious personal and property losses, the elevator is safe and effective management to maintain the normal operation of the property management, must be a high degree of attention.

Nearly yue, in order to ensure the property village run effectively, improve the community response to the critical situation of processing capacity, the implementation of community property contingency drills, quanzhou far macro property management company to the enterprise to reduce the plot, the elevator emergency plan simulation exercise scale effect of the drill, selected superior unit, and the recognition awards. Through field emergency plans evaluation, find existing problems, and in view of the problems put forward rectification opinions, urged property area on the basis of the original contingency plans, according to the characteristics of their respective property area, the adaptability of revision, make the elevator contingency drills, property of concrete more and more close to the emergency treatment field of actual combat. In the future, the elevator emergency plan exercise will be normalized and carried out every quarter, and the practice will be regarded as an important index to evaluate the management performance of the community.

The simulation of elevator emergency drills have achieved good effect, property plot each related personnel's professional skills by exercise, through the practice of the elevator emergency plan, improve the processing capacity of property staff deal with a crisis, some experience and lessons had been learned by the practice of the elevator emergency plan is for residential property had a profound security education practitioners, elevator emergency plan simulation exercises normalized worth in the industry. Problems exposed in the elevator emergency plan simulation exercise

In five days to simulate the elevator emergency drills, all participants in the elevator contingency drills property community workers can upon receiving the abnormal alarm elevator tiring, elevator, rushed to the scene in the first, namely inside lOmin to assume that the scene of the accident. Open elevator hall goalkeeper simulation exercises "stranded" in the rescue, rescue operation is specification, also skilled in the process, the emergency equipment is carried by the whole, in line with the operation method and steps of elevator tiring to save, but there are still some property district staff can't open the elevator door, exposed some problems.

At the moment, the elevator tiring must be within the prescribed period of time to rescue people trapped in high stories have clear legal provisions, and sound the alarm, the property management enterprise management responsibility once the owners, residents trapped in a lift, if not within the statutory time to take effective measures to rescue people trapped, then the elevator will be punished by certain economic management unit, also means that the property management unit because of the lack of management must take the economic liability to pay compensation.

Elevator emergency plan simulation exercises, individual property community in sampling to different extent when the elevator talkback there are abnormal, which show the control room temporarily unmanned, nobody answered the emergency call for help the elevator, in principle, set up a control room must 24 h elimination of personnel on duty, on duty personnel on duty leave must send someone to temporarily replace. In addition, there is also the problem that the equipment personnel and the building management personnel lack the inspection of the elevator intercom system when checking the building every day, and the minor failure is not eliminated in time, until the day of the simulation exercise, no repair has been made. The elevator intercom system of the property community did not play a good role. It was understood that the elevator intercom system of some property communities was abnormal and not repaired in time. In addition, in the exercise, when to call the individual property district office report to the police. The phone property staff can't understand people trapped in a timely manner, only after repeated three times call basic situation, the reason for this is that staff turnover, new employees, a corresponding owner complaints, turning processing training does not reach the designated position. Another individual district staff cannot play smoothly let the elevator car door, even not familiar with elevator machine room in what position, can't find the key to room after room did not take the dedicated flashlight, emergency processing related tools such as screwdrivers, also of elevator manual turning not skilled.

The inspection found that the more problems, more widespread elevator tiring incomplete contingency plans, emergency plan version of old, not according to the actual situation of residential property modification, no production flow chart, besides far too mansion, static far pavilion, the elevator is no post office phone on duty. In particular, there is no signal for mobile phones in the elevator of mingguang garden. The elevator intercom system cannot be used. No management personnel in all communities have been able to comfort the trapped people by other means, such as telephone. Breaks up most of the village order reach only tiring site with triangular keys, without machine room keys, and other related instruments, order breaks up without warning people trapped, before must carry on the rescue of elevator barring save are not very skilled, exercise is completed without the corresponding records.

Through checking the elevator emergency plan and simulation exercises, found that each property residential elevator emergency plan except tiring to save other frequent elevator into the water and the common accidents such as vandalism, elevator have formulated the corresponding contingency plans, also have no

2. Elevator emergency plan simulates the warning effect of on-site speech and assessment

As a modern property, whether residential, commercial buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings or other different types of property, property facilities is the indispensable important constituent, but as the core facilities of property corresponding elevator has become an indispensable vehicle owner, user, live and work. Elevator has become a special means of transportation for people living and working in the city for a moment. It has the highest utilization rate and penetration rate among the equipment and facilities of the property community. Elevator safety operation and management problems are testing the property management community management, property management in the buildings elevator tiring timely rescue has become the important topic that relates to whether the residential property services in place, security relationship to the owners of the community, is also related to the property interests and reputation of the enterprise.

Through the study of the evaluation of the elevator at the scene of the contingency drills, in view of the weak links and defects existing in the inspection, the problem of the simulation exercises to correct, points out the crux of the problem, put forward opinions and Suggestions of improvement in the future. Through the examination and evaluation of elevator emergency drill, comprehensive evaluation was conducted, the worst property community was selected, and public exposure and criticism were reported, so as to attract the attention of property community leaders.

Ensure the security of the residential area is the top priority of the property management work, property community emergency mechanism effectively start the key is to do a good job of community security, and the basis of the practice of the emergency plan is to do a good job of prevention. Through the rehearsal of the emergency plan, the on-site comments were made, the existing problems were pointed out, and the disposal Suggestions were made timely, which played a role of warning. We will strengthen the handling of critical situations so that employees can skillfully deal with emergencies.

3. Reflection on problems in elevator emergency plan simulation exercise

As the most important and frequently occurring emergency plan of the property community, the property community manager and professional technical personnel pay insufficient attention to this elevator dilemma drill. There is the psychology and thought of coping with things and going through things. By understanding each district is three or four months to order maintenance personnel to conduct a simple elevator tiring rescue training, training process rough, simple, become a mere formality, just simple explanation, no related to actual operation. Elevator tiring to save for property related technical personnel is a relatively dangerous work, should be more regular training, through the actual operation and practice, master the skilled operation method, so as to avoid in the process of elevator tiring to rescue more serious accidents. It is understood that no community has carried out a complete exercise on the emergency plan for elevator sleepers.

Through the practice of elevator emergency plan for people with difficulty, it reflects that there are still weak links in dealing with the safety awareness and emergency situation of employees in the property community. Safety is the primary task of property management, no security, no everything, through the practice of the elevator emergency plan evaluation and review, company subordinate community recognize that problems exist in the process of safety management, has drawn great attention of the property village head, find the problems existing in the work, do a good job, community safety and left to work in your feet, overcome the work become a mere formality, cope with check to old, responsible to the owner and responsible for the company in mind, will implement good, the practice of the emergency plan to ensure the safety of the community.

The practice of the emergency plan is a long-term work, through regular exercise the elevator emergency, make the staff in the emergency response procedures, know your role in the plan, familiar with relevant skills. Contingency plans shall be carried out through constant practice, revise, improve and enrich, to adapt to the actual needs of the community, make it play an important role in the case of emergency, accident control at a certain range. This is also the purpose of this elevator emergency plan exercise.

The emergency plan rehearsal should be well planned, carefully organized and implemented, and the simulation process should be recorded. Contingency drills to do well the propaganda at the same time, the emergency preplan drill site, should have contingency drills content related theme slogan, to enhance prevention and participation of community owners consciousness, forming property safety management atmosphere of community participation, in order to promote the formation of the residential property security network, to ensure that the property security.

Economic adjustment at present, the domestic industry, in the changes of social and economic development environment, the enterprise staff liquidity, liquidity of realty management enterprise employees have made a lot of different than before, the employee's resignation rate is higher, the realty management enterprise new employees, a corresponding training work should adapt to the requirement of new situation, especially the emergency response plan related skills training. The risk resistance ability of the realty management enterprise as a small enterprise, must always do a good job in security work, on a regular basis to carry out effective security education training, especially in a targeted group of property residential elevator emergency plan exercise, to effectively carry out emergency response mechanism, ensure the security of the residential property, property management enterprises to the practice of the emergency plan should be normalized, the full implementation of the emergency response plan practice system, should be on a quarterly, monthly to implement a corresponding theme contingency drills. Elevator emergency dealing with problems in the property of frequency rate is highest, therefore, effective exercise of elevator emergency plan, should get more attention, through repeated practice, make employees familiar with elevator emergency handling procedures, calmly deal with an emergency situation, effectively deal with related issues, to ensure effective operation of community, to ensure the safety of the owners, effectively avoid risk.