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What are the safety technical requirements of the elevator room

authors:sibo     sentiment:0      Published time:2018-06-01 09:34

1. The ambient temperature in the machine room should meet the basic requirements of electrical components, generally between 5 and 40.C, and rain-proof measures should be taken.

2. The machine room should be illuminated with sufficient luminance, with illumination greater than 200 lux.

3. Fixed single-phase three-wire power socket in the machine room.

4. Between the machine room and the pulley and its passageway shall be unimpeded, and non-elevator articles shall not be placed.

5. Special fire fighting facilities for electrical equipment should be provided in the machine room.

6. Brake lifting manual release wrenches should be hung on accessible walls and painted red.

7. The moving parts shall be painted yellow and the direction of the elevator shall be marked.

8. If there are more than one elevator in the machine room, it should be clearly marked for differentiation.

9. The door of the machine room should be firmly lockable and marked with a prominent warning sign: "the machine room is heavy and no one is allowed to enter it."

All the above contents are arranged according to the problems encountered by the students in their actual work, for reference. If there are any problems, please timely communicate and correct them.